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Christopher Martell.jpeg

Christopher Martell

6th January 2021
14th January 2021

Behavioural Activation as a Transdiagnostic Treatment Approach

Deborah Lee.jpeg

Deborah Lee

29th January 2021

Using Compassion Focused Therapy to work with Shame based Trauma Memories


Jacqueline Persons

9th March 2021
18th March 2021

Handling Treatment Failure Successfully


Kerry Young

16th April 2021

Working with Troublesome Mental Images across Disorders


Lusia Stopa

5th May 2021

Images in Social Anxiety: how they distort the self and how to change them

Patricia Resick

25 & 26th May 2021

Cognitive Processing Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Susan Bogel.jpeg

Susan Bogels

22nd June 2021

Mindful Parenting in Challenging Times

David Veale1.jpg

David Veale

6th July 2021

Treating fears of physical and mental contamination in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

All workshops are £80 + VAT.
Booking and payment will be handled by our partner EYAS who - as many of you will know - have supported CBT training and professional development for many years.
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Recorded workshops

If you couldn't attend our live workshop you can 'catch up' later.   Click on the thumbnail photo for more information about the workshop or use the button to 

access recordings of the workshop 

Robert L Leahy

Robert L Leahy

Emotional Schema Therapy: Deepening the meaning of Therapy

Professor Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert

Evolution, Attachment and Compassion Focused Therapy

We hope to be able to offer more recordings after each workshop but we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible.


CBTReach workshop leaders

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We couldn't be prouder to invite you to join this series of online interactive workshops.  
We look forward to hearing from you.

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