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Bite Size CPD
Essentials of Adolescent Development

A series of four 90 minute webinars 

The adolescent brain

Adolescent sleep

Who am I? Adolescent identity development

Body image in adolescence

Set of four only £88.00 (6 hours CPD)

Who should attend?
* Psychotherapists and counsellors who want to adapt their practice to work with young people 

* Educational professionals, especially mental health and pastoral leads

* Health professionals  in primary and secondary care 

+ Anyone with an interest in high quality, evidence-based training in adolescent development 

Register now for any individual webinar or for the full programme.  Everyone who registers will also have personal access to the recording so that you can access the information when your diary allows.  Don't let your diary stop you!

  • Click the link to access the workshop recording. 

  • You will go to a secure portal.  Just register with your email address and payment. 

  • You will then have instant personal access for 3 months. 

  • Come back any time via this page or save the address in your browser to watch as often as you wish.

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'Essentials of adolescent development'
Bite sized CPD for professionals -
delivered by experts to experts

A series of 4 webinars for professionals

£25.00 each, £88.00 for 4


The adolescent brain
Professor Ciara McCabe

University of Reading

Why is going on in the adolescent brain?  Why do young people feel, behave and think differently from adults.   Join Ciara's webinar and learn how changes in the adolescent brain explain much about the specific challenges adolescents face and how therapists, teachers and parents can help them overcome these.  This workshop is a great introduction to the webinar series and illustrates the critical relationship between biological, emotional, social and cognitive development.


Adolescents and sleep
Dr Faith Orchard

University of Sussex

Teenagers' brains and bodies change and develop rapidly and many established routines and habits become disrupted.  In this webinar Faith will illustrate how sleep patterns change during adolescence, and why this makes young people particularly vulnerable to disrupted sleep. Faith will illustrate the links between sleep and common mental health difficulties.  She will also outline psychological techniques that are commonly used to improve sleep and important things to consider when using these with adolescents.  


Who am I?  Adolescent identity development
Dr Lucy Maddox

Consultant Clinical Psychologist and author

Identity development has been seen as a key task of adolescence, as young people separate from their families and explore and develop a sense of who they are and who they want to become.  Understanding and knowledge of key milestones in identity development are important in working with young people, helping to understand the context of pressures and developmental opportunities these can give rise to. Join Lucy for a critical overview of theory and research relating to identity in adolescence and the chance to relate this to your practice.

vicki mountford colour photo Head and shoulders

Body image in adolescence
Dr Vicki Mountford

Consultant clinical psychologist, Lighthouse Clinic, Dubai

One of the most obvious changes that young people experience during puberty and adolescence are in the shape, size and form of their bodies.  At the same time young people are acutely sensitive to how they imagine they appear to others, and how they compare to their peers and to celebrities.  In this webinar we will consider how body image concerns in adolescents contribute to their well-being and to mental health difficulties, including eating disorders and body dysmorphia.  What positive steps can professionals take to help young people develop a positive and confident image of their body?

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Celebrating Goal

Essentials of adolescent development

As a professional working with young people you know that adolescents have amazing potential and are faced with huge challenges.   Providing support and direction, without being intrusive, is essential and difficult.  These webinars are designed to give you key information and understanding that will help you provide sensitive and age appropriate support.  

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