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Dr Mary Welford

Cultivating compassion; building resilience in teens and beyond

One day workshop (6 hours)

On demand only £80.00

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Mary Welford, Compassion focused therapy for teens: About

Cultivating compassion: building resilience in teens and beyond



Many of us instinctively compare ourselves to others and when we fail to reach our own, family’s, community’s or society’s 'ideals’  we can feel inadequate, experience anxiety and low mood. We may attempt to motivate ourselves to ‘be better’ by being self critical and only show the sides of us we think are ‘acceptable’.  

Working to improve 'self-esteem’ can be helpful but, when life throws another curveball, the benefits can be short lived.  In contrast focusing on and cultivating compassion can help us when things are going well and make us more resilient when things are difficult.

This workshop uses the ideas and practices of Compassion Focused Therapy to help build a a version of ourselves that’s more robust, more authentic and more connected. Of course the best time to cultivate a compassionate approach to ourselves, and others, is in childhood so this workshop will aim to be of use to those working with children and adolescents.  However the principles and practices have no ‘cut off’ so they can be of use whatever age you are and for whatever age group you work with.  After all, no matter what our age, we’re all ‘work in progress’. 

Dr Mary Welford
Mary Welford, Compassion focused therapy for teens: Text

About Mary Welford

Dr Mary Welford is a consultant clinical psychologist who has held positions for the BABCP and Compassionate Mind Foundation. She currently works with a range of UK-based schools and heads up Care to Achieve, promoting the aims of educational settings via improvements to staff, student and parental wellbeing. Mary is the author of The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self Confidence,  Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies and The Kindness Workbook.

Mary Welford, Compassion focused therapy for teens: About
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