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Prof Glenn Waller

Cognitive-behavioural therapy for body image: Skills for treating patients with eating disorders

One day 'on demand' workshop £80.00

6 hours of CPD, downloadable resources, and CPD certificate on demand

Professor Waller is from the Clinical and Applied Psychology Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield

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Cognitive-behavioural therapy for body image: skills for treating patients with eating disorders

Body image dissatisfaction and body size overestimation are central to understanding and treating eating disorders, though the treatment needs to address other issues first (particularly correcting eating issues). The same therapy methods can also be used in other disorders (especially body dysmorphic disorder), prevention work, and in working with non-clinical individuals.

The workshop will outline evidence-based approaches to CBT for body image in eating disorders. It will address the wide range of factors that drive and maintain negative body image, leading to using effective methods of addressing the maintenance of this aspect of eating disorders. Given the evidence on what is needed for sustained changes, the workshop will stress the critical importance of making these changes, to ensure that the risk of relapse is reduced.

The focus will be on:

  1. Formulating body image disturbance in the context of eating disorders

  2. Identifying individual maintaining factors

  3. Using key CBT skills to improve body image acceptance, and to maintain gains

  4. Ensuring that clinicians deliver these skills, even when we are anxious about doing so.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the origins and maintenance of body image disturbance in eating disorders

  • Explain the key role of maintenance of negative body image in a CBT model

  • Plan individualised body image work, based on the patient’s formulation

  • Explain the use of specific evidence-based CBT interventions for specific maintaining behaviours

Presentation modality

The workshop will be delivered online, in an interactive format, where participants are encouraged to bring their own cases. It will include didactic teaching and video demonstration of clinical techniques (psychoeducation, perceptual correction, surveys, imagery rescripting, behaviour experiments, and exposure therapy).

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About Professor Glenn Waller

Glenn Waller is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sheffield, UK. His clinical and academic specialism is evidence-based CBT for eating disorders, with a particular emphasis on effective treatment in routine clinical settings. He has published over 330 peer-reviewed papers, 20 book chapters and four books in the field, and regularly presents workshops at national and international meetings. He is past president of the international Academy for Eating Disorders, was an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Eating Disorders, and is on the editorial board of Behaviour Research and Therapy. He is also a member of the BABCP Scientific Committee. He was  a member of the NICE Eating Disorders Guideline Development Group, responsible for the 2017 update to the eating disorders guideline.

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Brief CBT for Eating Disorders
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