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Nick Grey

Dr Nick Grey

University of Sussex, UK

Behavioural Experiments in CBT:

A little less conversation, a little more action please!

On demand one day workshop £80.00  - includes downloadable resources

Nick is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and University of Sussex, and a member of the Wellcome Anxiety Disorders Group at University of Oxford. Nick is a BABCP-accredited practitioner, supervisor and trainer. He is the co-editor of ‘How to become a more effective CBT therapist’ (2014, Wiley).

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Behavioural Experiments in CBT
Dr Nick Grey

On demand one day workshop £80.00


Behavioural experiments are one of the most powerful means to cognitive change. They are now used in all contempory CBT approaches. This workshop will help participants use behavioural experiments most effectively with their clients. It will describe when to and how best to set the cognitive platform for behavioural experiments. There will be video examples of behavioural experiments both inside and outside the therapy office. There will be opportunity for participants to reflect on their own work and to discuss how to overcome obstacles to the effective use of behavioural experiments, including remote delivery of therapy.


Understand the theory behind behavioural experiments

Be able to set up and do behavioural experiments

Be able to learn from them and plan next steps

How to use a standard behavioural experiment form

Be able to overcome some difficulties with behavioural experiments


This workshop is for CBT therapists who wish to make their use of behavioural experiments more effective. It will be applicable to therapists at all levels of experience.

Key references

Bennett-Levy, J., Butler, G., Fennell, M., Hackmann, A., Mueller, M., & Westbrook, D. (2004). Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy. Oxford University Press

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By  Adrian Whittington and Nick Grey

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