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Professor Paul Gilbert
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Professor Robert L Leahy
Professor Christopher Martell
Dr Lusia Stopa
Professor Jacqueline Persons
Dr David Veale
Professor Don Baucom
Dr Melanie Fischer

On Demand CBTReach workshops

Our on demand CBT workshops are very easy to access.  
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Don Baucom and Melanie Fischer

Delivered on 22nd September 2022
Workshop introduced and facilitated by Shirley Reynolds.
Includes slides, references and clinical resources
Feedback to follow


David Veale

Delivered on 6th July 2021
Introduced and facilitated by Shirley Reynolds

includes handouts, reference and other resources.

"David was very engaging, the material was really interesting, real life examples helped"

"Knowledgeable and experienced presenter"

"Excellent facilitation, well organised, pitched perfectly"

"Great knowledge"

".... it felt like, as well as Professor Veale presenting information to us, a collaboration in which those watching presented their clinical experiences to add to the contextualisation of the concepts presented.

"The workshop was enjoyable and engaging"


Jacqueline Persons

Delivered on 3rd and 8th June 2021
Facilitated by Shirley Reynolds
Includes video demonstrations, references, presentation slides and other resources
It was very interactive and J Persons is an admirable and at the same time humble and authentic presenter modelling curiosity and openness to feedback and learning so well".
"Easy and honest discussion of potential to improve & examples of professional shortcomings"
"I liked her openness to new ideas and the discursive (even through chat) element of the workshop" 
"She’s so personable and human. I’ve been a fan of her work all of my CBT career spanning almost 20y and it was awesome to attend her workshop:.
"It was superb and the interaction with Shirley who was hosting enhanced the experience significantly"


Lusia Stopa

Delivered on 5th May 2021
Introduced and facilitated by Shirley Reynolds
Recording includes handouts, references and other resources
"Lusia covered so much. I particularly liked the time spent on the mechanism for change and the idea of a working self. I have felt more confident about imagery work since the workshop"
"....she has a lovely presentation style"
"She is warm and comes across as passionate about her subject area..."
"... interesting from start to finish"


Deborah Lee

Compassion Focused Therapy for shame-based PTSD

Delivered on 29th January 2021

IT WAS THE BEST PTSD training I have had and it set me up in my CBT career! THANK YOU SO MUCH"

This has been fantastic, so much to take in thank you so so much"

"Super helpful day, thanks so much - and really grateful that its been done online"

This has brought so much into focus regarding working with internal/external sources of trauma. So helpful for work with clients now and has inspired me to do more reading/learning/training."


Christopher Martell

Delivered on 6th and 14th January 2021

Workshop is facilitated by Shirley Reynolds

Includes powerpoint slides, references and access to role plays

"I loved the video demonstrations as I learned a lot about how to stay focussed on behaviours rather than cognitions"

".....really down to earth and nice presenter..."

"Being happy isn't a good goal.  Better goal = living a life that's worth living ...."

Paul Gilbert thumbnail

Paul GIlbert

Delivered on 25th November 2020

Workshop is introduced and facilitated by Shirley Reynolds

Includes powerpoint slides and key references

'Highly relevant to practice'

"Extremely well informed but informal and human presentation style'

'His enthusiasim and down to earth approach had me laughing at times and brought me to tears at others'. 

'...this presentation has had a lasting effect on my work'

'....thoroughly enjoyed the day'

"Very knowledgeable and engaging presentation, well supported by relevant video clips and practices'


Robert L Leahy

Delivered on 29th October 2020

Workshop is introduced and facilitated by Shirley Reynolds

Includes powerpoint slide presentation

"It was an honour to hear from such a distinguished teacher"

"It was very very good"

"It was great"

"He is open and integrative"

"I liked the pleasant relaxed environment despite it online"

"It was immediately applicable to current cases and work that I am doing". 

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