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Other Online Training Providers

We hope you have found workshops that are relevant to you and to your clinical practice on our website. 

If you haven't please let us know what you were looking for and come back soon.  

Here is a list of other organisations that also offer high quality online post-qualification training in CBT.

Other online training: List

Online CBT training workshops

Unified CBT

The Unified CBT Academy covers multiple areas of CBT with a focus on specific approaches to specific problems, rather than on limited general principles.
Taught by trainers who are practising clinicians including our friend and colleague Dr Sanjay Roa.

British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy


A multi-professional organisation that supports and promotes the practice and development of CBT in the UK.   Offers regular conferences and workshops, now all online.  Also, for members, regular FREE webinars from leading clinicians.

Bringing together professional psychologists

Psychological Professionals Network

The Psychological Professions Network is a multi-professional network bringing together psychological professionals and other stakeholders in NHS commissioned psychological healthcare to maximise the benefits of the psychological professions to the public.

Association of Clinical Psychologists - UK


he Association of Clinical Psychologists is the representative professional body for clinical psychologists. We seek to promote the profession and its members, explaining the role and competences of clinical psychologists to healthcare managers, commissioners, policy makers and politicians, the general public, and not least, our service users.

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies


The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies is a multidisciplinary organization committed to the enhancement of health and well-being by advancing the scientific understanding, assessment, prevention, and treatment of human problems through the global application of behavioral, cognitive, and biological evidence-based principles. Offers a range of online webinars from many of our friends and colleagues

Austrialian Assocation for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy


The Australian National organisation for CBT offers a range of recorded webinars from well known international clinicians. Free for members and at a fee for non-members.

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